Why Fullerton?

Each city has a unique context (even if they are literally neighbors, as Brea and Fullerton are). Brea and Fullerton are very different in terms of size, cultural diversity, socio-economic status, response to the marginalized and overall “feel.” People in these two cities think, respond and live in very different ways.

Being rooted in Fullerton will help us understand and serve it. Extending our gospel footprint to Fullerton gives us an opportunity to serve the city more effectively for the glory of God, but also enables us to contextualize what repentance and faith looks like in Fullerton.

Instead of being a church that calls people from all around North Orange County to come to church, we want to be the church in the cities where we live, work and play. A Fullerton expression of Southlands enables us to incarnate the gospel more effectively for that city.

How? By dwelling in our city.

Jesus invited people to follow Him. This meant walk with him, live with Him, eat with Him and travel with Him. He chose to dwell with us. We want to be a people who dwell in the city and with the people of the city. We live, work, play and love Fullerton.

Holding a meeting in Fullerton is helpful, but what is of critical importance is that we understand that each one of us has a responsibility and call to live in a way that requires a gospel explanation. This “dwelling” mindset gives us a greater opportunity to walk out the gospel together as we either live, work or play in Fullerton. We exist for the Glory of God and the joy of Fullerton.