Southlands Fullerton is becoming Mercy Commons

A Church for Fullerton

Mercy Commons is the new identity of Southlands Fullerton, which was established in 2014 through Southlands Church — a family of gospel-centered, Spirit-empowered communities on mission.

After five healthy and fruitful years, Southlands Fullerton will be commissioned out by our broader Southlands family in September 2019 as an autonomous local church within the Advance Movement. As we enter a new chapter together with a new name — Mercy Commons — we and the leadership teams from all of Southlands’ communities are united in our belief, excitement and expectation that this commissioning will make us even stronger and more effective for the gospel.

Why “Mercy Commons”?

Mercy” is not a word you hear often. Justice is. We all groan for justice, as we should. We long for wrongs to be put right, for oppression to be upended, for evil to be punished. Until, that is, we come to realize the depths of injustice within our own hearts. That’s where we encounter our need for mercy — and the God who offers it to us.

God’s mercy is a foundational thing, a powerful thing. Mercy is not static. It’s active, it’s freely given, and it’s available to any and all through repentance and a personal, interactive relationship with Jesus Christ. He has new mercy waiting for us every morning. It’s the kind of mercy that loves the liar, forgives its enemy and seeks out the one in hiding. It was God’s mercy that moved Jesus to pray for the sick, preach to the poor and cry out forgiveness for those crucifying him. It’s mercy that now propels us to be a force for the common good.

“Commons” is a resource belonging to and affecting all members of a community. It is a shared space of beauty and purpose, rights and responsibilities, care, and commission. In this context, we, the church, are the “commons”—a place where all are welcome. A place where we embrace our identity as the common people of God who have been rescued by His uncommon mercy.

Into this time, and into this city, God has sent us and commanded us to extend to others the same mercy we have received. This call to create a “commons” where mercy is freely offered extends beyond Fullerton—we desire to participate with God in seeing more communities of mercy raised up in other cities through the planting of more churches.

We are Mercy Commons. We exist for the glory of God and for the joy of Fullerton.

You are invited.

We invite you to join us at one of our weekly gatherings on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. at the Fullerton YMCA, 2000 Youth Way, Fullerton, CA 92835.