Our Story

The Gospel is good news. It is a proclamation that, through the person and work of Jesus Christ we have been redeemed by God’s relentless grace and we therefore we seek to live graciously with one another. Our love for Jesus is tested horizontally in our love for one another. We want to give to others what Jesus has given us: grace and truth. We value authenticity, doing our best to discard the masks of pretense. We have exchanged the fig leaf for the cross. Shame and denial have been replaced by grace and truth. We have freedom to joyfully access God through the sacrifice of His Son filled by the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel means that we are all a people on God’s Mission. This mission requires our presence in the world. As Jesus was sent, so are we. We see God’s image in every individual. We seek to live relationally, with patience and compassion towards the world. The Gospel humanizes people. Being on God’s mission also includes the proclamation of a Message. We believe that every believer is called to the happy discipline of proclaiming Christ, imploring all people to be reconciled to God. We understand that the happiest hour in heaven is the hour when a lost child comes home, and this too is our aim and delight.

As much as we have reverence towards God’s Word, we are also a people with a hunger for more of the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that in many quarters of the church, He has been tragically neglected and out-scripted. We honor Him as God, the good gift given by our Father, and the One whom Jesus left to empower His people to be on mission. We are persuaded that we are not able to follow Christ without the Holy Spirit’s power. We believe that every facet of the Christian life is reliant upon his infilling, anointing and leading. We intend for our life and our meetings to reflect a willingness to follow His leading and walk with confidence in His empowering. This  would include a less scripted approach to our gatherings, the intentional involvement of the congregation in worship,  the operation of the gift of prophecy and prayer for healing.

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