Maturing and growing in Christ with accountability, as a family.

A community remains healthy through relationship, not programs. Sunday gatherings, though essential, are not enough to know one another, care for one another, and find missional opportunities to impact our city. Just as the early church met both in the temple courts as well as in homes, we also meet together, aside from Sundays. Life Groups meet weekly in people’s homes.

Participation in a Life Group is the most effective way to be cared for pastorally. It enables us to thrive as we commit ourselves to both fellowship and partnership in the church. The Gospel is experienced through faith, lived out by devotion and motivated by a genuine concern for the physical, mental and spiritual state of our fellow human beings, whether they are part of our community of faith or our neighbors in Fullerton.

Typically, Life Groups will discuss the previous Sunday’s message, look for practical applications of God’s truth to our lives, encourage one another in prayer and worship, and find ways to impact Fullerton.  For the glory of God and the joy of Fullerton.