Mitch and Mikaela have been married since 2013 and have been attending Southlands together since 2012. They love throwing parties and cooking for people. Their vision for their life group is a community that disciples one another in the Gospel and is a place that is welcoming and hospitable to newcomers.



Saxon and Stephanie have been married since 2009 and have attended Southlands since 2007. Something they love about Southlands is the balance of biblically founded teaching and spirit empowered ministry taking place in a community that loves and serves one another. Saxon works in customer service and Stephanie works in marketing and has a freelance photography business. They are both passionate about food, fun, and enjoying friends and family over games, movies, and adventure. Something they hope to create in their life group is a place where people can vulnerably share and rely on one another and the spirit as well as be inspired and motivated to pursue missional relationships in everyday life. They have two young children, Jazleen and Rhapsody.


Jeremy and Lindsey have been married since 2016. They have experienced the church as their family through support, encouragement and conviction. They find great joy and life in inviting others into their family. Their heart for their life group is that their gathering would provide a tangible experience of our relational God. They desire for each member of their life group to feel the weight of loving this family as they grow in their need for the Gospel. They also love spending time outdoors hiking, backpacking and biking. Jeremy finds great assurance in Lindsey who can protect their family from danger in the wild.



Chris and Gabriella Johnson have been members of Southlands for over 5 years and were part of the original team that launched the Fullerton Community. They both have a passion for helping people understand how to pursue the upward call of God in their career and daily lives. Secretly, they love going on dates to Barnes and Noble and watching videos of french bulldogs.



Ryan and Stephanie have been attending Southlands church since 2008 with a two and half year stint in Tennessee somewhere in between. They have two beautiful girls (Jordan, 14 and Abigail, 3). Ryan and Stephanie love people! They love to grow and changing with people. They love the church. But mostly they love Jesus. Steph is an amazing stay at home mom and wife. Ryan works in Construction doing inspections of all sorts. Sometimes he has to travel (he doesn’t like to because he has to leave his girls) but he is grateful for what he does. One of Ryan and Stephanie’s favorite things in life is to expose people to the Holy Spirit. They love to see the light go on when God comes in and speaks to people personally and powerfully. It really is life changing. They know it because it changed them; and from there they have seen it time and time again in the lives of others. They enjoy movies and good food. Movies is a bit tougher these days with a 3 year old running around. Life is full and it’s good.



Jason and Megan Newell are a pair of Southern California-raised Biola University graduates who love Jesus, love his church, and love having people in their home (despite the fact that they’re both introverts). Their life group always starts with a home-cooked meal and ends with prayer — with time in between to discuss God’s word, apply it to our everyday lives, and share openly about the joys and struggles we’re facing. The Newells have attended Southlands Church since 2002, have been married since 2005, and have been navigating the adventures of parenthood since 2011. Jason works in the university communications and marketing office at Biola and Megan leads the children’s ministry at Southlands Fullerton. They have two daughters, Lily and Zoe.



Shawn and Valerie Stewart have been married for 11 years and have two small children, Jack and Siena. They’ve been a part of Southlands Fullerton for 3 years and love the community. They believe that life group should be a place to be known, to receive prayer and encouragement, and feel like family.



The Thomas family (Neil, Jaclyn, 6-year-old Hudson, and 4-year-old Augustine) look forward to life group each week. Every time they gather they share a potluck style meal together, hang out, discuss the previous sundays sermon and pray for each other. Some distinct things that define the Thomas life group are: A commitment to being family and doing life together. A devotion to going deeper in our understanding of the scriptures and prayer. A fierce devotion to reaching our city through missional rhythms and friendships.



Chris and Ember Williams have been married for 15 years and have two boys, Tyler (5) and Alex (2). They are both originally from Colorado, but have made Fullerton their home and love living here. They love being together as a family and living in the heart of Fullerton. The Williams have been a part of Southlands for over 5 years and part of the original team of Southlands Fullerton. They have loved leading a Life Group and feel God has ministered to them as much as He has used them. Chris shares, “We seek to provide a safe, supportive environment for people to truly be themselves and work out their faith and life in deeper more meaningful ways.” Their group is diverse in age and backgrounds which provides incredible depth of wisdom, perspective and experience. “We have seen God move in incredible ways in mobilizing ministry, service, healing and growth and